Donna in Milano

Read the story with experiences of Model Donna who’s working in Milano right now!


I’ll introduce myself very shortly. My name Is Donna Ubags, I’m 16 years old, I live in Eijsden (The Netherlands) and I go to the Bernard Lievegoedschool in Maastricht. It’s about one year ago that I went to the model meet and greet at the Sessibon headquarters in Sittard. At that time, I could have never imagined working for Boom the agency in Milano by now. In the last year I have done my modelling training and many fashion shows in The Netherlands and Germany for Sessibon. I love working for this agency!

About 4 weeks ago they introduced me to my current mother agency (CJ models). I was very surprised when I received an email from Carla. In this email Carla asked me if there was any possibility for me to come to a casting for Milano in Rotterdam that Wednesday. First my parents were laughing a bit about the idea. They told me I should go to school Wednesday, that I would not be able to have the time to go to Milano and my chances of being picked, would be so small. Still there was a voice inside of me that said: “You’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take”. So I talked with my parents about it and we decided that I should just give it a try. I went to the casting and a few days later there was the phone call: Boom the agency in Milano wanted me to be one of their models and wanted me to be in town as soon as possible. I went crazy and I could not believe that this was really happening to me.

In 3 days time we arranged everything with school, booked the tickets and I packed my stuff. CJ models and Boom the agency arranged a shooting before I left and the apartment in Milano. That Monday I flew to Milano together with my parents. They have been in Milano with me the first 4 days, just to check if I’d be fine and to help me with everything. I’m so grateful for having parents who support me so much and doing all of this for me. Today it’s Tuesday, my ninth day in Milano. So far, it has been nothing but an amazing experience for me!

On my first day here I went to the agency, where I have made my movie, polaroid’s, book and setcards. I also started doing castings. The day after I did my first test shooting and I hope that I’ll be doing many more so I can improve my book. The first days, it was all new to me. So I was and still am happy to have such an amazing roommates and parents who helped me a lot. The girls from the apartments where I stay in, are from Canada, Israel, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden and Iceland. It’s amazing to hear the story’s from girls all over the world. Maya (Israel) and Vialisa (Israel) for example, they had to be in the Israeli army for 2 years. In their country everybody has to do that and they are used to being in a country that’s in war. These kind of differences between girls from different country’s, create wonderful conversations.

During the day I do castings and I look around in Milano. Many people who I talk to from home are asking me what castings are like… Well I can’t really tell, because they are all very different. Sometimes you’ll have to be waiting in a line for like an hour, sometimes you’re the only one. Sometimes the actual casting will be during 30 seconds or less, sometimes it will be 10 minutes. Sometimes they just look in your book, sometimes they want you to walk, sometimes they’ll make pictures and sometimes you’ll have to fit clothes. It all really depends on the client and if they like you or not. Most of the time it’s a good sign when your casting takes a long time, because that means that they want to see more of you.

In the weekend and evenings I study and I’m going out. Here in Milano we go out with a group of models (roommates) and most of the time with the PR guys. Their job is to bring models into the clubs and lounges. In return we get an evening out, including a taxi, dinner and drinks. When going to these amazing dinners and clubs, I really feel like a VIP. The places we go to are so luxury, it’s amazing to experience places like that as a sixteen year old. It works the same for lunch, we can go to a special bar for a free lunch every day. Sounds kind of cool right? Today I’m having a very relaxed day. I only have two casting in the afternoon (unless there will be a last-minute one). I’ll be going for lunch with the girls this afternoon and the rest of the day I’ll be studying… Yup, that job has to be done too.


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