Campaign for STRIKKS

We had the honor to capture the campaign for STRIKKS.  STRIKKS is a design studio and label for the development and making of designer knits, located in Maastricht. 

They were asked to make one of the showpieces for FashionClash. Their showpiece has been displayed in “De Bijenkorf Maastricht”. 

”Overstock are those items that don’t get sold once the season has ended. A hang for the new items is, despite efforts like slow-fashion, still the strongest trend among buyers and customers.In this showpiece, we collected over 5 items that we’re once marketed as single items. By bringing them together and by giving them that special finish plus attention we contributed to their greater value as a unique piece.
We like to call it ‘über-stock’.” 

Our fashion photographer Ruben Reehorst made beautiful pictures off the showpiece. CJ Model Floortje made the showpiece really came to life.

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